1170 RS Ducati

The 2012 Inform Awards jury recognized this project by Frederick Cedema Design, Potomac, Md., for its object design excellence.

Launched at the Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama in October 2011, the 1170 RS is a modem and lightweight motorcycle racing platform designed to take on Superbike and SuperSport racing classes. Combining the 300-pound weight with a 115-hp power plant, the 1170 RS targets the power-to-weight ratio of a mid-weight Grand Prix motorcycle.

The design scope did not include outright top speed advantages. The lightweight package targets late braking and lithe cornering characteristics that look to outmaneuver the heavier water-cooled and four-valve-engine competitors. Although the two-valved air-cooled RS may play catch up to heavily engineered engines on straightaways , the corners are the prime hunting grounds for the RS. At the right race venue or track the RS will own the lap time.

With a dry weight of just 301 pounds, the 128 bhp, modified 1100cc Desmodue engine provides the power to weight ratio of a 250cc Grand Prix racer.

Design: Chassis and Power Plant

• Potent power-to-weight ratio: 128 hp power plant and 301 pounds (with all fluids except gas).
• Lightweight chassis: Tubular aluminum F042 frame with updated swing arm.
• Carbon Fiber front sub-frame and integrated rear sub-frame (seat).
• Forced air inlets and air ducts on the front faring join a mated air box to provide compressed air to the fuel injection and engine.
• Rear cylinder cooling: Targeted air flow through air tunnels and body vents.
• Lower exhaust and COG.
• Improved engine cooling: large-V oil cooler.
• Improved fuel delivery within carbon kevlar gas tank: 1098 fuel pump.
• Modem electronics: Falco digital dash/data logger/lightweight battery/wiring harness.
• Chassis: F042 with updated swing-arm.
• Wheels: Magnesium Dymag 7-spoke.
• Transmission: Close-ratio gearbox.

Design: A Lightweight Aesthetic Combining Structure and Curve

• Lightweight design—Less is more: minimal bodywork and integrated structural sub-frames.
• Elegant expression of the structural trellis frame.
• Fluid forms and curves emphasize lightness, accentuate structure, and encompass the power plant.
• No water cooling or plumbing, which allows less weight and contributes to slender, elegant lines.

Photographs: Steinhardt Photography, Kel Edge Photography, Chris Edwards Photography

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