2014 Green Products Directory


Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

Acoustical Solutions, Inc., is America’s premier supplier of soundproofing and noise control products and solutions. For 25 years, Acoustical Solutions has been providing superior products and services for broadcast and recording studios, schools, worship centers, commercial and public facilities, and home theaters. Acoustical Solutions offers an extensive line of products that can help meet LEED certification requirements, such as Sonex Ceiling Tiles, EcoSorpt Recycled Cotton Panels, PolyPhon Polyester Acoustical panels, Sonex PhonStop Recycled Glass panels, IsoStep Floor Underlayment, and Sonex Baffles.
800-782-5742 | Contact: info@acousticalsolutions.com


Honeywell_sprayFoamManSolstice® (LBA) – Spray Foam Insulation

Honeywell’s Solstice® Liquid Blowing Agent (LBA) is a fourth-generation foam blowing agent. Solstice LBA is used in closed-cell spray polyurethane foam insulation applications, such as building insulation, roofing, refrigerator insulation, and insulated metal panels. Solstice LBA is nonflammable and non-ozone-depleting and has a global warming potential (GWP) of 1, (compared to a GWP of greater than 1000 for HFC alternatives), equal to carbon dioxide (CO2). It is VOC-exempt and listed under the U.S. EPA SNAP program.
973-455-3674 | Contact: Kathleen.Reilly@Honeywell.com


Larch Country VulcanoMafi Wooden Floors

Mafi is a completely vertically integrated natural balanced engineered wooden floor manufacturer based in Austria. Mafi uses FSC wood logs and creates zero wastage by using age-old tactics to produce heat and power for the facility and the neighboring town. Using natural finishes allows the wood to care for the interior environment and has no impact on the exterior environment. Mafi has won several awards for its actions in preservation and ingenuity for protecting the environment.
917-488-0410 | Contact: w.lourie@mafi.com


WT Fary BrosWindswept Weathered Wood

Products are crafted using standing dead or dying beetle-kill trees from the Colorado Rocky Mountain regions. Until now, these trees have fueled forest fires to horrendous environmental detriment. Claiming these unwanted trees is an environmental wonder and a champion of pure sustainability. Windswept Weathered Wood adds style, sophistication, and practicality to what designers have long called for—a reclaimed appearance with the stability and structural integrity of new wood, backed by regulated industry associations, at nearly half the investment of reclaimed materials and with minimal waste.
804-693-2544 | Contact: bdunston@wtfarybros.com


WDP & Assoc Cons Eng BannerBuilding Envelope Consulting Using WUFI

In today’s increasingly airtight and thermally resistant building enclosures, the improper selection and placement of insulating materials and air/water/vapor barriers can result in long-term moisture accumulation. This often leads to corrosion or mold growth. Steady-state dew point analysis evaluates one moment in time, without considering the wetting and drying potential of the assembly. WDP & Associates specializes in transient hygrothermal analysis of enclosure assemblies, using WUFI Pro 5.2 software, to ensure your building enclosure will withstand the test of time.
434-245-6117 | Contact: rcyphers@wdpa.com



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