General Assembly Commends VSAIA

Capitol 003Noting that the Virginia Society of the American Institute of Architects is celebrating its 100th year of incorporation in 2014, and that it has faithfully served as the advocate for the value of architects as protectors of public health, safety, and welfare, the Virginia General Assembly (GA) passed a resolution in early March to recognize the VSAIA’s “dedicated service to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

In its resolution, the GA noted that “governments, religions, industries, and families have used architecture throughout history to express their values, needs, capabilities, and aspirations,” and that Thomas Jefferson, Virginia’s second governor “used architecture as his measure of a government’s relative worth, asserting that we must ‘avail ourselves of every occasion when public buildings are to be erected, of presenting to [our countrymen] models for their study and imitation.’”

The GA also noted that the VSAIA “has, for decades, provided counsel to the state; its representatives serve on the Art and Architectural Review Board, the Board of the Department of Historic Resources, and the State Building Code Technical Review Board … it has created the Virginia Foundation for Architecture, and in doing so established a scholarship fund and a commitment to education through the Virginia Center for Architecture, as well as inspired the preservation of two Virginia landmarks: Richmond’s 1844 William Barret House and the 1919 Branch House on Richmond’s historic Monument Avenue.”

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