Feeling the Heat

Rising sea levels will ultimately alter our coast lines and overtake smaller islands like The Maldives. Image via Jeff Schmaltz/NASA.

The Mid-Atlantic’s summer heat finally broke this week, after averaging upwards of 95 degrees for several months. Is this just the beginning of Hades-like conditions? Climatologists think so and scores of architects, planners, landscape architects, and engineers have begun advocating for more proactive steps in mediating climate change. It starts with our consumption habits and in the places we live.

“Infrastructure can be designed much better than we have done it for the last 100 years, for both people and wildlife,” according to Kristina Hill, Ph.D., Associate Professor of and Chair of Landscape Architecture at the University of Virginia. “Once our elected leaders and their advisors make the question of whether an investment in infrastructure will add to our resilience their top priority, planners and designers should be involved in those projects by necessity alongside civil engineers. That’s an additional, self-interested reason why we need to advocate for that change in priorities about the investment of public funds.”

Read the full interview with Hill here, via ASLA’s The Dirt.

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