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Wi-Fi articles

article1Beginner's guide to mesh networks

Wi-Fi networks are here to stay. It is true that some bloggers have properly highlighted their negative effects, but even so, it looks like most of us can't live without them. Not only that, but modern routers utilize new technologies, which are able to increase signal range and diminish interference. Most of them are dual-band, so they can make use of the least crowded 5 GHz band, thus ensuring an enjoyable Internet browsing experience.

And many of them support guest networks, allowing your visitors to utilize networks that will self-destruct after a few hours.


article2How to get a stronger Wi-Fi signal

Wireless networks can provide a very rewarding experience. Because no one likes to carry his/her device around while having it connected to a long wire, isn't it? And yet, there are times when the Wi-Fi signal is too weak, making the connection reset over and over, providing Internet download speeds that remind us of the old dial-up network connections, or leading to lots of other problems.

This is bad news indeed, but fortunately there are several solutions that can help you get a stronger wireless signal without breaking the bank. Here are the most effective ones, according to George Hardesty, a Data Alliance representative.


article3How to protect your wireless network

Wi-Fi networks have made their way into our homes, and it is quite easy to understand why this has happened. Firstly, they are inexpensive. Then, they are really easy to install and maintain; once that the router is powered on and properly set up, all your devices can connect to the wireless network by simply choosing its name from a list, and then inputting the required password. And once that is done, you'll never have to touch anything for years in a row, right?

Well, while things will often happen that way, this isn't the ideal solution. Wireless networks require quite a bit of maintenance.



Wi-Fi news

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